23 February 2015

On Sexual Assault

As you have probably heard, my social calendar has been rather hectic lately. I was out late with friends over the weekend. The female behaviour I observed at both live music venues was a bit startling to say the least, at least to an old school fogey like moi. Saturday night I was assaulted--if that is the right word--twice by random young women. One fondled my beard, while the other one groped my chest. Have things really come to this? Maybe they have--but I'm certainly not pressing charges. See you next weekend.

16 February 2015

How To Know When To Break Up

William Cartwright

Choose Your Style

07 February 2015

No Regrets (Walker Brothers)

Vienna (Ultravox)

05 February 2015

Driving Through Old London (1950's)

03 February 2015

Tartan Tuesday

28 January 2015

Back Door Women

I went out with a girlfriend last Saturday night to one of my favourite cocktail establishments. Seated next to us at the bar were two attractive women, a blonde and a brunette with startling blue eyes, probably late 30s. Athletic, fit-looking, with aggressively large tits. Clearly alphas.

These kinds of women are quite common here in Orange County, and one learns to deal with them in the course of interacting with the local female population.

One of them–the brunette one seated facing me–kept checking me out and saying something to her friend, who turned around a few times to look at me. The look she gave me was penetrating and felt as if it were a challenge. To what, I've no idea.

After a while the two women left.

According to my girlfriend, the whole time we were there the two women had been talking about the new boyfriend one of them had and the sexual positions he made her adopt, including a few references to her ‘back door’.

I hadn’t heard anything. The revelation of the subject of their conversation initially surprised me, until I reminded myself that women are like this, only usually they’re more discreet about it.

24 January 2015

Hussar Style

18 January 2015

Bearded Clergy

The current crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, it could be argued, may be attributed to the lack of beards on Catholic clergy, including the Pope. Although, I do recall a couple of Jesuit priests of my schooldays who sported beards. I also remember an enormous, long-haired French-Canadian Jesuit priest who habitually wore a large plaid flannel shirt over his buttoned front instead of a black cassock and cape. By the time I entered into their care the cassock and cape had disappeared among the Jesuits.

Why we won’t get a bearded pope, Christopher Howse, The Daily Telegraph,  22 February 2013

05 January 2015

Fine Manners

01 January 2015

31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Bonne année et bonne santé !

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

19 December 2014

Silence of Contempt

Note the impressive Tweed jacket
"Never waste time criticizing traitors, cowards, self-interested bellwethers; nor, of course, should you forgive them; just ignore them and press on. The silence of contempt."

— Dominique Venner (1935-2013)

17 December 2014

1970s Luxury Air Travel

Flying Pan Am in its peak in the early 1970s was certainly a luxury. We had wide seats, and entire tables to ourselves. The stewardess uniforms were smart, and the food was good. Passengers actually dressed like adults. In some respects it was like an airborne cocktail party, and moving about and mixing with other passengers was encouraged. Much has been lost since then. I have learned that the 1970s "Pan Am Experience" can be had at Air Hollywood. I may pay a visit. Not quite the same thing, I'm sure.

16 December 2014

contre le monde moderne

15 December 2014

Former Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais

11 December 2014

Taki on Seduction

Over at The Spectator, the venerable Taki has posted a piece on how to seduce women. Modern young men certainly need the help. There's a lot of good material in the article. I encourage you to read it.

I've been reading Taki since I was a schoolboy in England in the 1980s. Somewhere I have books of his High Life columns, and his prison memoir Nothing To Declare was particularly helpful to me at a certain time in my life.

So, I read the article with considerable interest, expecting great insights. Alas, there are several key misses . Also, I noted some hints of white-knighting and blue pill thinking, which I find very shocking and disappointing in a chap of his calibre. Taki, a male feminist?! Say it isn't so!

As an aside, I wonder how much input his female relations had in the article. At times it reads as if he's writing for them, and not for the single men requiring some help in the seduction department.

These days chicks dig jerks over gentlemen. They may claim they want gentlemen, but their behaviour says otherwise. They consistently favour the cads, thugs, bad boys, and rogues over the nice guys. Nice guys indeed finish last. Most of the time they don't finish at all, if you get my meaning.

I almost choked on my morning tea when I read this line: "women, unlike us, have a conscience." Nonsense. Women are far crueler in their own way than men. Women also don't love in the same way that men do. Men suffer when they expect women to reciprocate affection with the same quality and intensity. It's men--not women--who are the romantic sex. We are doomed to love them.

In picking up women, wit and humour are indispensable. Self-deprecation, not so much. Women want confidence and cocky bad-boy charm.

Taki recommends that young men write poetry and love letters. I have to admit, this was a tactic I used as a schoolboy, before emails, the interwebz, and smartphones came along, and I still have the letters to prove it. The written word is indeed powerful, but we shouldn't give our young men the impression that going around quoting Shakespeare is going to moisten any panties. Keep in mind, too, a lot of American and English girls these days are barely literate.

Being direct with women in California works. It's amazing how effective "I want to f*ck, let's go somewhere else" can be here. Crude, I know. But the days of courting "ladies and well-brought up young women" are long over. Especially in the Anglosphere.

If "the way to success with the fairer sex cannot be taught," as Taki claims, then what is the point of an article such as his? It can be taught, and it can be learned. We should be teaching more of our young men the new realities of women, relationships, and sex. And this includes teaching them Game and the art of seduction--not the art of sucking-up.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes: My Perfect Weekend

1954 Triumph Chopper

09 December 2014

Tweed On Tweed

"Dressed in Tweed uniforms..."

Return Your Revolt Into Style

Reds Don't Surf !

08 December 2014

Never Apologize

I enjoyed a somewhat controversial career at university, as you've probably heard.

One incident sticks out. It involved my views on the presence of Africans in England, namely, my instruction to a visiting African scholar to "go back to Africa." After all, I continued, why should Europeans tolerate the presence of Africans (and others) in our homelands, since Europeans had been kicked out of theirs? A perfectly sound position and one which was, as is my custom, intended to provoke.

It caused quite a storm, as you may imagine. I was not expelled. Instead, I was brought before a committee consisting of senior tutors, college academics, and university officials. I sat alone before them as they gave me a series of sanctimonious lectures and stern warnings. Curiously I was not asked to apologise; I wouldn't have done so if asked. I think I was also given some sort of minor punishment, the nature of which I've forgotten now.

A few days later I received in the post a letter on university letterhead confirming my official censure. I framed it and hung it on the wall, where it remained for the rest of the term.

06 December 2014

I Got This

29 November 2014

Tiger Riding Society

Source: http://www.atelierparigot.fr/

Man to his girlfriend: The main reason I don't want to follow you into [high end department store in Newport Beach] is because over the years I've dated [and/or banged] several women there. This is an opportunity for all of us to avoid some public unpleasantness. Go ahead and shop. I'll stay outside and drink my tea. And check out the hotties.

Classic Indian Scout